Man faces murder charges in Stevens Avenue shooting

A Northeast Minneapolis resident is charged with second-degree murder in a shooting Sept. 9 at the 4500 block of Stevens Avenue South.

Charges allege that Ernesto Fabian Anthony Rivera, age 40, spoke with the victim about stolen property on Stevens Avenue and started shooting at him. The victim, Michael Edward Rekow, age 46, attempted to drive away but crashed into the I-35W sound wall, according to the criminal complaint.

Police reportedly found the suspect with the help of a passenger who was dating the victim, as well as a nearby resident’s video camera that captured the incident. The video allegedly shows Rivera firing multiple shots into the vehicle, running from the scene carrying a dark satchel, and climbing onto a garage roof. He attempted to jump between garage roofs and fell, according to the complaint, and he left behind a sweatshirt he was wearing that contained a possible blood-like substance.

Officers arrested Rivera at a residence in St. Paul, according to the complaint, and found a dark satchel that belonged to the victim and evidence of cell phone communication between Rivera and the victim prior to the shooting.