Police highlight vehicle and garage break-ins

The 5th Precinct circulated a police advisory in late October highlighting 53 reports of theft from vehicles and 15 garage burglaries since Oct. 4.

No force was evident in any of the garage burglaries, police said. In nearly half of the cases, suspects entered through an open garage door or used a garage door opener left in a vehicle outside. Police said that in most burglaries, bikes were stolen.

Police recommend that residents record bike serial numbers, lock the garage door, reinforce the service door, install lighting and store expensive bikes inside the home.

Police advise against leaving valuables in a car, including garage door openers and hidden keys. Those who must leave valuables in a car should store them in a trunk before arrival, police said.

Year-to-date, thefts from vehicles are running 6.5 percent higher than 2015. Burglaries are down 16 percent to-date, and larceny is up 5 percent.