Child at East Isles daycare survives hanging; police arrest suspect

Police arrested a 42-year-old daycare provider this morning who allegedly hanged a 16-month-old boy under her care at the 2700 block of Humboldt Avenue South.

The child and at least two subsequent hit-and-run victims are all expected to survive, police said.

Police provided the following information:

The toddler was rescued by a parent who arrived at the daycare to drop off a child. Officers called to the scene at 9:43 a.m. learned the suspect had left in a gold minivan.

Officers received word at 9:57 a.m. of a hit-and-run at the 2800 block of Grand Avenue South, where a man standing outside his vehicle was struck and dragged several blocks by the same minivan. He suffered broken bones and abrasions, but was expected to survive the injuries.

At 9:59 a.m., police learned the same minivan hit a cyclist at 28th & Park. The cyclist suffered a broken leg.

At 10:06 a.m., police received a call that the suspect was threatening to jump onto I-94 at Park Avenue. Citizens at the scene held the woman down so she could not jump.

Assistant Police Chief Kris Arneson said at a press conference that the woman was biting and putting up a big struggle.

“Minneapolis police arrived shortly after that, and joined in the struggle to prevent her from going over the edge onto the freeway,” Arneson said.

Police said Friday morning that the suspect was in custody and being evaluated at a local hospital. Six investigators were working the case along with child protection workers.

Arneson said the motive for the child’s attempted murder is unknown and would be part of the investigation. She said she didn’t know if the woman intentionally hit the pedestrians.

Arneson said the child was at the hospital Friday morning and doing fine.

The Humboldt Avenue house is a licensed daycare facility, she said, and the woman cared for less than six children.

“It’s horrific,” Arneson said. “…We don’t know what was happening with her. As soon as we’re able to talk to her we’ll be able to ascertain that I hope.”

The woman would be booked in Hennepin County Jail upon release from the hospital, police said.