Kingfield studies crime, traffic around Nicollet

Kingfield neighbors met in September to discuss mobile drug dealing and traffic issues around Nicollet Avenue between 42nd and 46th streets.

The meetings stemmed from a summer incident in which shots were fired near the 4400 block of Nicollet.

Crime Prevention Specialist Jennifer Waisanen said mobile drug dealing has been persistent in the area, which has easy access to the highway. She said officers agreed to do surveillance out of one corner apartment near 44th and 1st in an attempt to catch mobile drug dealing in process.

“It’s hard to combat,” she said. “Usually they are not people who live around there, they just meet there. It’s so quick and they’re gone.”

She said calls for service have quieted in recent months following two evictions at 4429 Nicollet Ave. The owner of the building did not return a call for comment.

Waisanen said residents should call 911 — not 311 — when they see mobile drug dealing.

Residents also met last month to discuss vehicle and pedestrian safety near 1st Avenue between 42nd and 46th streets. They discussed pedestrian crossings at 42nd, increased parking generated by popular businesses, heavy traffic near 43rd & Nicollet, speeding issues and delivery trucks on residential streets.