Petition drive for proposal requiring police to carry insurance lacks signatures

A petition drive for a proposed charter amendment requiring Minneapolis police officers to carry professional liability insurance has fallen short of the required signatures needed to appear on the November ballot.

City Clerk Casey Carl told a City Council committee Thursday that the petition drive fell about 7 percent short of the signatures needed to put the ballot question before voters.

The Committee for Professional Policing submitted a petition with 14,602 signatures, but only 6,360 of those could be verified as registered voters in the city, Clerk said. The minimum number of signatures needed is 6,869.

The committee could amend its petition and resubmit it to the city to meet the signature requirement. The deadline is July 5. The City Clerk would then have five days to verify signatures and then would present findings to the City Council’s Committee of the Whole on July 20, Carl said.

Under state law, a petition to amend the city charter must be signed by 5 percent of the total votes cast in the city during the most recent state general election, which would be the 2014 election when a total of 137,362 ballots were cast in the city.

The City Council is in charge of determining the language of the ballot question.