Minneapolis population climbs to 411,286 in 2014


The city’s population reached 411,286 in 2014, according to preliminary estimates released Monday by the Metropolitan Council.

The population has grown 7.5 percent from 2010 — a faster growth rate than the Twin Cities region as a whole.

Overall, the seven-county metro area’s population is 2,977,445 — a 4.5 percent increase from 2010. The number of households grew by 47,282 and the number of housing units by 34,982.

St. Paul’s 2014 population was estimated at 299,641 — a 5.1 percent jump from 2010.

Minneapolis has experienced a surge in new high-end apartment developments downtown and in the Uptown area.

Wayzata and Lilydale have experienced the highest rate of growth as a result of new senior living communities, according to the Metropolitan Council.

Local officials have until June 24 to review and comment on the population estimates. The Council is required to certify the estimates by July 15.

The estimates are used by the State of Minnesota to determine state aid for local governments and distribution of aid for streets, among other things.