Dayton’s bonding bill includes funding for 10th Avenue Bridge

Credit: File photo

Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposed $842 million bonding bill includes $31.875 million for the proposed rehab of the 10th Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis.

The city’s Public Works Department is seeking $42 million to repair the four-lane bridge that runs parallel to the I-35W bridge. The open-spandrel arch bridge has deteriorating concrete areas on the spandrel columns, arches and floor beams in need of repairs.

The bridge repair is the city’s top bonding priority, said Mayor Betsy Hodges. It’s a key link for people traveling between downtown and the University of Minnesota.  

“The $42.5 million preservation and rehabilitation of this bridge is an important project for Minneapolis and our entire region,” she said in a statement. “We thank the Governor for including the 10th Avenue Bridge in this proposal and look forward to working with the state legislature on passing this important bill.”

The 10th Avenue Bridge was built in 1929 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It has had repairs in 1972, 1976 and 2001.

Dayton unveiled the bonding proposal Tuesday — a plan that has received a cool reception from GOP lawmakers who control the House. The DFL-controlled Senate has also advocated for a smaller bonding proposal.

The Legislature typically focuses on a larger bonding bill during even-numbered years.

Dayton’s proposal would provide bonding for projects throughout the state and include funding for rail and pipeline safety improvements, higher education projects, workforce housing and homeless shelters, flood mitigation and dam improvements and historic preservation projects, among other things.

The governor has also touted the bonding bill as a jobs creator that would result in 23,900 new jobs.

“My proposals would put thousands of Minnesotans to work throughout our state,” Dayton said. “This bill gives priority to projects that have been delayed for years and are crucial to modernizing MnSCU and U of M buildings and classrooms, and improving local infrastructure. I ask the Legislature to join me in working to pass a Jobs Bill this session to boost Minnesota’s economy and address our state’s most crucial infrastructure needs.”

The governor’s bill also includes $750,000 for repairs and improvements at the Mill City Museum in the Mill District.  

“The governor is proposing in some much needed investments in Minneapolis,” said Rep. Raymond Dehn (DFL-59B). “I’m hopeful that we pass a bonding bill this year. The investments the governor is proposing will create tens of thousands of good paying jobs all across Minnesota.”