Mpls bragging week coincides with All-Star festivities

Mayor Betsy Hodges will be leading the charge to encourage more bragging about the city as the spotlight is on Minneapolis for All-Star Game events July 14–20.

Dubbed “The Best Week of Bragging About Minneapolis Ever,” Hodges will be encouraging people to post their favorite things about the city on social media using the hashtag #bragmpls.

The bragging week will include special themes each day with mayoral proclamations highlighting the city’s brag-worthy attributes and a Mayor’s Bragging Challenge featuring more than 50 activities around the city. Participants are encouraged to take photos while doing the challenge and share them on social media using the hashtag #bragmpls or email them to [email protected].

The team that completes the most items and the individual that tackles the most will get the chance to have lunch with Hodges.

The themes for the bragging week are as follows: Creative Minneapolis, July 14; Move Minneapolis, July 15; Innovative Minneapolis, July 16; One Minneapolis, July 17; Sustainable Minneapolis, July 18; City by Nature, July 19; and Bikes, July 20.

Hodges announced the bragging week idea at her first State of the City Address in April. She said the city is “militantly modest” and needs to boast more to encourage more growth.

“We could discover cures for 17 kinds of cancer and we would say nothing, and if someone else noticed we would say, ‘Yeah, well, thanks. Anyone else would have done the same.’ And then we would change the subject to the weather,” she said. “… If we are going to grow, if we are going to bring opportunity here, we can’t afford to be modest.  … Actively, loudly, with more vigor than we know we have we must shout to the rooftops that Minneapolis and our people are the best on Earth.”