MPD makes changes to leadership team

Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau has created a new Quality Assurance Commander position and made several other changes to her leadership team.

Chris Granger, who previously was in charge of the Violent Crimes Investigations Division and the Internal Affairs Unit, will take on the new Quality Assurance Commander job — a position that will oversee the MPD’s use of force policy, reviews and police body camera initiatives, among other things.

A number of inspectors have also been reassigned:

— Michael Sullivan will command the 1st Precinct (Downtown) instead of the 3rd Precinct (South Minneapolis);

— Todd Loining, formerly with the 5th Precinct (Southwest) will move to the 2nd Precinct (Northeast);

— Catherine Johnson, formerly head of Special Crimes Investigations Division, has been promoted to the 3rd Precinct inspector position;

— Kathy Waite, formerly the 2nd Precinct inspector, will become the 5th Precinct inspector; and

— Michael Kjos has been permanently assigned to the 4th Precinct (North Minneapolis) after leading the 1st Precinct.

Harteau said she’s excited to see what the MPD leaders will bring to their new roles.

“We are constantly analyzing where our leaders will fit best, and assessing what experiences they may need as they progress through their careers and our ranks,” she said in a prepared statement. “I can assure you they will earn your trust and respect as they transition into their new roles. Each and every one of them brings a unique perspective, level of expertise and skill set to their assigned precincts.”

The department changes will take effect July 24.