Resolution outlines support for transgender community

A resolution expressing support for transgender equity passed the City Council’s Committee of the Whole Wednesday.

City leaders have pledged to continue supporting events like the city’s Trans Equity Summit, ensure city policies and laws are inclusive of trans people and establish a new city advisory body to provide counsel on trans issues.

Andrea Jenkins, a former City Council policy aide and curator of the Transgender Oral History Project at the University of Minnesota, said the resolution has important timing.

“At a time when transgender people are under attack legislatively in places like Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and several other states around this country, including our own state of Minnesota, and when 11 trans people of color have been murdered thus far this year, this is the right time to make this statement,” she said.

Phillipe Cunningham, a senior policy aide to Mayor Betsy Hodges, also commended the Council.

“In a country that seems to be turning to hate and violence toward the trans community, I’m beyond grateful to live in a city that sees us, hears us and protects us,” he said. “Much the same as Attorney General Lynch said of the Obama administration, by passing this resolution you too are on the right side of history.”

City Council Vice President Elizabeth Glidden said plans are in the works for the city’s third Trans Equity Summit in the fall. City leaders are also working with property services to make sure that all city facilities are friendly for the transgender community.