City Council drops proposed Indiana travel ban

The City Council has decided against moving ahead with a ban on city travel to Indiana after the state’s governor signed a revised version of the religious freedom law April 2.

The revision was intended to alleviate concerns that it would be used as a tool to discriminate against the LGBT community.

The Council instead approved a resolution Friday affirming the city’s commitment to civil rights and called on Indiana and 27 other states in the country without civil rights laws protecting LGBT citizens to pass laws outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Earlier this week Mayor Betsy Hodges announced that Fire Chief John Fruetel had canceled a trip to Indiana for a conference later this month at her request.

At Friday’s City Council meeting, Hodges commended the Council for considering the ban and said the firestorm of criticism Indiana has faced for the religious freedom law has clearly made an impact. 

“Minneapolis is pleased that Indiana amended their law but much remains to be done across the country to include protection from discrimination for LGBT citizens,” said City Council President Barbara Johnson, who authored the resolution, in a statement. “We are happy to support Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and the Indianapolis City-County Council as they call for changes to State law.”