City leaders push for dedicated state funding for city streets

The City Council unanimously passed a resolution Friday supporting a dedicated state funding stream for Minnesota’s city streets.

Of the state’s 141,000 miles of roads, about 19,000 miles are owned and maintained by cities. About 84 percent of the funding to repave and maintain the streets comes from local funds — mostly property taxes.

“Our state needs a comprehensive transportation plan that meets the transportation and transit needs of residents, visitors and businesses,” said Mayor Hodges in a statement. “Everyone has a stake in preserving our streets, brings and transit — maintaining those investments is more than what a single municipality can bear. Cities large and small throughout Minnesota need the necessary resources to keep us all moving safely.”

Minneapolis has joined the City of St. Paul and 136 cities across the state in pushing for state funding for city streets.

City Council Vice President Elizabeth Glidden (Ward 8) sponsored the Council resolution.

“It’s time to find a solution that will work for us now and also for future generations of Minnesotans,” she said. “We need partnership and support from the state to find a sustainable funding mechanism so we can not only take care of our streets, but also maintain our bridges and transit. Property taxpayers can’t and shouldn’t be expected to cover our transportation maintenance costs all on their own.”