City financial information available on

City of Minneapolis financial information is now available at — an online hub with city budget information going back to 2008.

Minneapolis is the largest city in the Midwest to have financial information available on, according to city officials. About 250 governments have information posted on the site.

Visitors to the website can access information about the 2015 budget and examine spending trends back to 2008. Information about revenues and expenses by fund, department and expense types can be displayed in a variety of visual formats.

“Today marks a big leap forward in increasing financial transparency in Minneapolis,” said Mayor Betsy Hodges. “Making this data available online in an easily accessible format will not only result in a more informed public, but will also help city leaders and staff digest complex financial information to help run the city better.”

City Council Member John Quincy, chair of the Ways & Means Committee, said understanding the city budget shouldn’t be a challenging process. “We’ve heard from residents, even city leaders and staff, that they wanted an easy-to-use tool that would show how the city manages its finances and I want to thank staff and OpenGov for their work in bringing this tool to life,” he said. 

In December the city launched a new open data portal with a variety of public data sets, including 311 incidents, fires, rental licenses and air quality, among other things. 

(Below: A look at the city’s Open.Gov site.)