Council authorizes Hodges to sign amicus brief supporting Obama’s executive action on immigration

The City Council approved a measure Friday authorizing Mayor Betsy Hodges to join more than 30 mayors across the country in signing an amicus brief supporting President Barack Obama’s recent executive action on immigration.

The brief opposes a federal lawsuit in Brownsville, Texas brought by 26 states seeking to block the president’s order.

The executive order, issued in November, allows undocumented workers and parents of lawful residents who have been in the country more than five years the chance to temporarily stay in the United States and avoid deportation if they pass a criminal background check. It also directs law enforcement officials to focus on deporting felons.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors and National League of Cities have also signed the amicus brief supporting Obama’s action. The cities that have signed on to the brief represent roughly 28.2 million people, including 7.5 million immigrants.

“Fixing our immigration system is the right thing to do for the people that through hard work contribute to the economic prosperity of our cities,” Hodges said. “President Obama took a bold step in the right direction by easing the burden for some of those that currently live in the shadows.”

 City Council Vice President Elizabeth Glidden (Ward 8) said immigration reform has been needed for some time.

“The lawsuit being filed by some states seeks to stop our progress and keep us with a broken system,” she said. “We need to be vocal in our support of the president’s efforts to help prevent others from undermining them.”