City Council approves new funding plan for holiday winter market

The City Council approved a new funding plan Friday morning for a holiday winter market proposed to replace the Holidazzle Parade this year in downtown Minneapolis.

The plan calls for tapping $395,000 in funds from the Convention Center for the winter market — a proposal more palatable to Council members who voted against it earlier in the week because it included money from the City Coordinator’s budget as well.

The Council Ways and Means Budget Committee voted against a proposal Tuesday that funded the winter market with $300,000 from the Convention Center’s budget and $95,000 from the City Coordinator’s budget. 

The Downtown Council is organizing the event and taking inspiration from holiday markets popular in Europe and other cities across the country. The holiday event will be made possible by another $1.3 million in private support. 

Holidazzle ended last year after a 21-year run.