Council approves Segal’s reappointment for City Attorney

The City Council voted 11-2 today to reappoint Susan Segal as City Attorney.

City Council Members Cam Gordon (Ward 2) and Blong Yang (Ward 5) voted against the reappointment, but both emphasized their intentions to keep positive working relationships with Segal.

Gordon said he supports much of Segal’s work, but has concerns about how the City Attorney’s office handles protesters engaged in civil disobedience and disagreed with her legal opinion supporting the controversial Vikings deal.

Other Council members praised Segal for her proactive work on domestic violence and juvenile sex trafficking. City Council Member Elizabeth Glidden (Ward 8) commended Segal for having “sharp amazing skills as a lawyer.” 

The Council also approved the reappoinment of Patrick Todd to City Assessor. 

Mayor Betsy Hodges said Todd and Segal are “innovative, dedicated and respected public servants who put the best interests of Minneapolis first.”

“I am proud to continue working with them, and always trust and respect their advice. I am pleased that the City Council reconfirmed them,” she said. 

Public hearings will be held next week for other department heads reppointed by Hodges, include Health Commissioner Gretchen Musicant, Public Works Director Steve Kotke, Fire Chief John Fruetel and Civil Rights Director Velma Korbel.