Settergren’s shop dog is now cast in bronze

A statue of Jager
A statue of Jager, the longtime shop dog at Settergren’s Ace Hardware, was unveiled Aug. 27 outside the shop. Many of Jager’s offspring and descendants live in the area and attended the unveiling. Photos by Isaiah Rustad

People and pets gathered on the streets of downtown Linden Hills to remember the longtime Settergren’s Ace Hardware shop dog who left a lasting impression on neigh- bors and customers alike.

“Jager was a special part of our community,” said Ingrid Soderberg, a Fulton resident and longtime shopper at Settergren’s who started a fundraising campaign to memorialize the dog after his death last August.

A statue of Jager
The statue of Jager

Now, Jager will be in the community forever. A bronze statue of his likeness, completed by local artist Michelle Recke, was unveiled to a crowd the afternoon of Aug. 27. Long- time shoppers and neighbors were in attendance, many bringing their own dogs to the ceremony. A number of those dogs are direct descendants of Jager, a large Munsterlander who was highly sought in the breeding community and whose popularity led to many neighbors buying pups from litters he sired. The current shop dog, Jurgen, is his grandson.

“He just had a really special way of putting smiles on people,” Mark Settergren said.