Mexican ice cream shop comes to Uptown

La Michoacana Pink Ice Cream
Chriz Dominguez, an employee of La Michoacana Pink Ice Cream, stands next to a mural painted on the plywood covering the shop’s windows. Photos by Becca Most

Shielded by colorful ice-cream cone art on its plywood-covered windows, a new ice cream shop near 28th & Hennepin reopened its doors on June 27. It first opened in May but closed for a couple weeks amid the civil unrest.

With popsicle and ice cream flavors like pine nut, strawberries and cream and tequila, La Michoacana Pink Ice Cream offers a sweet relief from the summer heat.

“Our flavors are actually inspired by homemade flavors back in Mexico,” said manager Victor Galicia. “We try to make it as authentic as we can.”

Alan Parez owns a second La Michoacana Pink Ice Cream parlor in St. Paul, which has been doing well enough that he decided to expand to Minneapolis. While the St. Paul location normally attracted Hispanic customers, Galicia said he wanted the shop to reach a broader audience.

Pink’s popsicles and ice cream
All of Pink’s popsicles and ice cream use fresh ingredients including kiwis, blackberries, strawberries and pine nuts.

La Michoacana is a popular chain of Mexican ice cream parlors, and versions of the eateries have spread around the United States, including two other shops in Minneapolis, near the Midtown Global Market. Although sharing similar names and logos, these La Michoacanas are not formally owned by a franchise and the shops are usually family-run businesses.

At Pink’s St. Paul location, all of the popsicles and ice cream are made by hand using fresh ingredients and produce. Customers can choose to season snacks and desserts with chamoy (a sweet, sour and salty chile sauce), Tajín (a condiment made with chile peppers, lime and salt) and other Mexican candies and toppings.

Although the timing for opening a new shop wasn’t ideal, Galicia said, the team has spent the extra time they were closed adding decorations to the interior.

“There aren’t many ice cream places like us, so we might as well just give it a try and see how well it goes,” he said. “We decided to build here, and hopefully we’ll gain support.”

La Michocana Pink Ice Cream

Where: 2829 Hennepin Ave.

Info: 612-552-8438