Calhoun Beach Club to close gym

The Calhoun Beach Athletic Club will be closing to the public on Sept. 30. Photo by Andrew Hazzard

The building formerly known as the Calhoun Beach Club will permanently close its gym due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Calhoun Beach Athletic Club will close permanently on Sept. 30, according to a letter sent to gym members. A smaller version of the large athletic club will remain as a fitness center for residents of the building.

The fitness industry has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, and the lakeside institution is no exception, the company wrote in the letter.

“The pandemic has presented additional obstacles related to membership and operations that have accelerated our plans to consider redeveloping the space,” Amico, the club’s parent company, wrote to members.

In January, the company announced plans to renovate its large campus of 332 apartment units, retail space and the athletic club at Lake & Dean Parkway. Moving away from serving the general public, Amico said, will help it design a fitness space better suited for residents.

Construction of the historic building began in 1928, and exterior work was substantially completed in 1929. The Great Depression and World War II delayed completion of the building until 1946.Once opened, it served as a private club and apartment building. In 1953, it was sold and converted into an apartment without membership requirements.A 12-story apartment tower was added on the property to the east in the 1990s, and Aimco purchased the site in 1998. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.

Last month, Amico announced the building will rebrand to remove the name Calhoun. The building will now be known as The Beach Club, according to an Amico spokesperson, and facades are being updated in the near future.