Uptown mall will no longer be known as Calhoun Square

Uptown's mall will no longer be known as Calhoun Square, its new ownership announced June 19. File photo

Uptown’s shopping mall will no longer be known as Calhoun Square.

Northpond Partners, a Chicago-based firm that purchased the mall in late 2019, announced June 20 that it will “expedite” the process of renaming the property “in solidarity with the city of Minneapolis and the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

The mall, which opened in 1984, was named after Lake Calhoun, which was named after John C. Calhoun, a former vice president known for defending the institution of slavery who had no clear connections to the state of Minnesota.

The lake has since been re-titled Bde Maka Ska, its Dakota name, and a number of institutions around the Uptown area have followed suit.

When Northpond acquired the building, the firm said it was likely to rename the space by soliciting ideas from locals. But the death of George Floyd and the protest movement it sparked in Minneapolis and nationwide “made it crystal clear that to move forward as a community we must remove painful reminders of the worst chapters in our nation’s history,” Northpond wrote in a press release.

What the new name for the mall remains unclear, Northpond said it will continue to speak with tenants and locals about a new title. Signage bearing the name Calhoun Square has been taken down.