Hip hop haven Fifth Element closes

Fifth Element, a record and merchandise store for Minneapolis hip hop label Rhymesayers, has closed after 21 years at 24th & Hennepin. Photo by Andrew Hazzard

Fifth Element, a longtime haven for Minneapolis hip hop culture, has closed the doors of its store in The Wedge after 21 years.

The store, founded by Minneapolis independent hip hop label Rhymesayers in 1999, announced it was closing in a message to fans on March 27.

“Countless memories have been made in that time and space, while serving our local community as well as traveling visitors and artists alike, and we are thankful for all the love and support you’ve all given us in return over the last 20-plus years,” the store posted on Facebook.

Fifth Element sold vinyl records and CDs, clothing and merchandise of affiliated acts, art supplies and more.

While the store had shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic in March, Rhymesayers posted that the group had begun planning to transition away from Fifth Element last year. The store will continue online, but will be rebranded as shop.rhymesayers.com, where the label will continue to sell albums and merchandise.