Wedge boutique Cliché closes

Cliché boutique has closed after nearly 16 years at 24th & Lyndale. Photo by Andrew Hazzard

After nearly 16 years, Minneapolis women’s clothing boutique Cliché has closed.

Cliché opened in 2004 at the corner of 24th & Lyndale. The founders are moving on due to personal reasons, according to owner Joshua Sundberg.

When the store opened, there weren’t many boutiques in the city, he said.

“We were trying to bring a fresh perspective to Minneapolis,” Sundberg said.

Many Americans, and Minnesotans in particular, are used to shopping for clothes at department stores or big chains and are not accustomed to shopping small.

But Cliché found success by breaking into an untapped market and developed many loyal customers over the years. The store sourced clothing from local and international designers.

“We knew our customers and knew what they wanted,” Sundberg said.

When the store announced it would close in early January, Sundberg thought it would take most of the month to sell out its remaining inventory, but customers stripped the shelves bare in three days.

Over the years, the neighborhood around the boutique changed.

“It seems like Uptown is always going through transitions,” he said.

Sundberg is planning to stay in the Minneapolis fashion industry, he said, and is working on a store concept that could be coming to Southwest this spring.


2403 Lyndale Ave. S.