Wanderlust Tattoo finds home in Kingfield

Artist Will Kamas
Artist Will Kamas works on a client at his new studio, Wanderlust Tattoo, at 38th & Grand. Photo by Andrew Hazzard

Will Kamas loves to travel and explore, but he recently set down some roots in Kingfield.

Wanderlust Tattoo, his new studio, opened at 38th & Grand in December. The studio is intimate, with a single workstation and walls lined with Kamas’ drawings. He’s been in the tattoo industry for 15 years. At Wanderlust, he sees clients by appointment only, usually doing a couple of tattoos a day. He also sticks to the styles he is most enamored and comfortable with.

“My main goal now is to tattoo what I like to do,” Kamas said.

Right now, that means working with black and gray ink, which he believes gives the artist more freedom than color ink. He specializes in images inspired by nature, like trees, flowers, mountains and owls. Kamas said he loves the way flowers and trees flow with bodies.

Lighthouses are a common theme in his work, as are some grimmer images.

“I love the darkness and detail of a skull,” he said.

He gets most of his customers via word-of-mouth or Instagram. People share the work he’s done, and their friends or followers often message to book an appointment.

“All my clients are pretty awesome,” he said.

As the name of the studio suggests, Kamas loves to travel and often gets away for camping trips on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The St. Paul native had been working most recently at a studio in Hudson, Wisconsin, and wasn’t enjoying the environment. He found the location at 38th & Grand when the landlord reached out to him via social media and asked if he wanted to see the space.

The location is ideal for Kamas, in an accessible neighborhood outside the commotion of Downtown. Since he’s started in the neighborhood, other shopkeepers in the node have introduced themselves and made him feel welcome.

Wanderlust Tattoo

314 W. 38th St.