Yess Yoga building a permanent home

Yess Yoga
Lucia Yess (center) leads a class at her Whittier studio, Yess Yoga. In the spring, she plans to break ground on a new building in the neighborhood that will become the studio’s permanent home. Photo by Colette Forsyth

When Lucia Yess opened her Whittier yoga studio six years ago, she set out to create a secure, inclusive space for exercise and wellness in the neighborhood. Now she’s setting down permanent roots.

Yess Yoga is building a new studio, right across the street from its current home at 26th & 1st, where the business will expand its space and offerings.

Two years ago, Yess Yoga expanded from its original location by renting the building next door. With the extra space, Lucia Yess realized her clients needed a single larger location to meet their demands and that owning her own building would be more practical than renting forever. She knew she wanted to be teaching yoga in Minneapolis, and she and her husband decided to go all in on finding a permanent home.

“It’s more than just a building for us; it’s where I intend to do my life’s work,” she said.

Where that building would be was still in question, but she had grown attached to Whittier. One day she walked out of her studio and noticed a “for sale” sign on the parking lot across the street and a light bulb went off: This could be her site.

“I didn’t even see it until we were ready,” she said.

Staying in the neighborhood was a no-brainer for Yess Yoga, and she kept it a Whittier affair by hiring the architect next door, Andy Campbell Design Company, to plan the building.

The two-story building will have two studios and treatment rooms for acupuncture, reiki and massage. There will also be more space for participants to gather and mingle outside the studios, she said, which was a priority for the search.

Both clients and neighbors have been receptive to the new building, which Yess hopes to see constructed next year. The Minneapolis Planning Commission approved the building in October.

“This is our offering and our investment to our community,” Yess said.

Yess Yoga

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