Now open at Lake & Humboldt: Andy’s Diner

Co-owners Miguel Gatica, left, and Frank Chase opened Andy’s Diner at Lake & Humboldt in late December. Photos by Andrew Hazzard

A new diner is now serving breakfast, burgers and more in Uptown. 

Andy’s Diner, a new restaurant from the team behind Andy’s Garage in Midtown Global Market, opened in late December in the former Bruegger’s Bagels space at Lake & Humboldt. 

The inside has the feel of an old school diner, with tin panels, glossy red chairs and classic style signs listing products and prices. Customers order at the counter and can watch the short-order cooks work behind glass windows encasing the kitchen. 

“It just makes me feel good when I come in here,” said co-owner Frank Chase, who launched Andy’s Diner in partnership with his longtime kitchen manager Miguel Gatica.

The menu screams classic diner, too, with a variety of burgers and sandwiches served with homemade potato chips or fresh cut fries. Milkshakes are available, as are take-home orders of broasted chicken. From the frier come onion rings, cheese curds and chicken wings. 

Breakfast starts at 7 a.m. and is served all day, with several cheap, simple options like eggs and toast for under $4, and more substantial offerings like scrambles, omelettes and pancakes. Classic Mexican options like huevos rancheros, chilaquiles and breakfast tacos are also available. 

Everything is cooked to order, and Andy’s makes their own sauces and salsas, Chase said. His favorite menu item? The diablo burger, which comes with habanero mayonnaise and jalapeño bacon and is hot without being overwhelming.

“We’re not messing around with frozen things,” he said. 

It took the team about two and a half months to get the space how they wanted it. The biggest challenge was removing the massive Bruegger’s bagel oven, which took Gatica and Chase multiple days and a wall removal to move. 

So far, Chase said reception has been good as people have slowly trickled into the restaurant. Most customers so far have been neighborhood residents walking by, though the diner does have a small parking lot in the back. 

“We hope people will come and hang out,” Chase said. 


Andy’s Diner

1500 W. Lake St.