Cheeky cards, calming scents at WaxPaper

WaxPaper, recently opened at 44th & Beard, specializes in unique greeting cards and candles. Submitted photo

For years, Lyn Williams kept a discreet collection of “behind the counter” greeting cards for customers who wanted to deliver a cruder message at her Linden Hills floral shop Brown & Greene.

At her new store, WaxPaper, those cards are proudly displayed — and flying off the shelf. WaxPaper is Williams’ new concept: a card and candle shop attached to Brown & Greene Floral at 44th & Beard. She opened the doors in October and has been selling a healthy amount of the greeting cards in the “Naughty” section.

“We sell a ridiculous amount of any card that says f—,” Williams laughed.

For many of the 18 years she’s run Brown & Greene, Williams sold cards and candles, but she never could give those items as much space as she wanted. When The Linden Tree fabrics store closed in the spring, Williams looked into leasing the space next door. She and her team spent months building it out and designing a clean, efficient place to sniff candles and laugh at cheeky cards. 

“This is a very calm place,” she said.

WaxPaper sources candles from across the U.S., including Minneapolis-based Koselig Candle Co. and Kansas City’s Mixture candles, who have sold her an exclusive line of their Christmas-themed Siberian fir scent for the holiday season. 


4404 Beard Ave. S.