Rose Street leaving Linden Hills, Martina owner to take over space

Rose Street Patisserie in Linden Hills will close Nov. 3. File photo

Linden Hills’ Rose Street Patisserie will close in November to make room for a new venture from the owner of the neighboring Martina restaurant. 

Rose Street’s last day of business will be Nov. 3, according to a press release. Daniel Del Prado, who runs Martina and Colita at 50th & Penn, is taking over the space with intentions of launching a third concept in Southwest. 

Chef John Kraus, who owns Rose Street and Patisserie 46 at 46th & Grand, is closing the Linden Hills Rose Street to focus on his Bread Lab training program in St. Paul and continue growing his catering business. 

The move follows months of conversations between Kraus and Del Prado about their hopes for the future, Kraus said. As Del Prado would be ending the night at Martina, Kraus would be coming in to start the day at Rose Street and the two would share coffee. 

“In a way, we became each other’s therapists,” Kraus said. 

John Kraus, owner of Rose Street Patisserie and Patisserie 46. File photo

He wanted to focus on his new Bread Lab training and catering program on the Schmidt Brewery grounds in St. Paul, and Del Prado desired a space near one of his current restaurants to try a new concept. 

A longtime instructor at the French Pastry School in Chicago, Kraus wants to build a robust apprenticeship program to train aspiring bakers in the Twin Cities. He sees a void in the kitchen in the near future as more young people opt for college instead of pursuing skilled trades like baking. 

“There’s something we’re losing and that’s the trades,” he said. 

Kraus said he’s enjoyed being in Linden Hills but felt he was spending too much time going location to location. Conversations with Del Prado made him realize that with Patisserie 46 nearby he could move on from Linden Hills while Del Prado could use the space to expand his offerings in the neighborhood. 

“I am so proud of what Rose Street is doing for the trade of baking and pastry, and after our discussions about the future of both of our businesses, things just made sense,” Del Prado said in a statement.

Kraus and CEO Elizabeth Rose opened the Linden Hills Rose Street Patisserie in 2016. Since then, they’ve added two more Rose Street locations in St. Paul. 

“While we are sad to leave our Linden Hills customers, we hope they’ll remember that Patisserie 46 is not far away, and of course we are just a phone call away for catering,” Rose said in a statement. “We love a good holiday party. Plus, we’re so confident that Danny (Del Prado) will do something really special and the neighborhood has already shown they love whatever he does.”

Del Prado has yet to announce his plans for the space.