Laundromat updated under new ownership

Bev’s laundromat
Brian Weedman has bought and renovated Bev’s laundromat at 40th & Lyndale, adding Wi-Fi and hand-painted signs to the interior. Photos by Andrew Hazzard

Brian Weedman had his eye on Bev’s Coin Laundry in East Harriet for years.

The Minneapolis real estate broker and property manager made several inquiries to buy the laundromat at 40th & Lyndale. This year he finally succeeded. Now learning a new business on the fly, his goal is to make the laundromat a nice place to hang out while completing household chores.

“I like improving things,” Weedman said.

That’s what he’s set out to do at Bev’s, which he’s now calling Bev’s Uptown Laundry. He repainted the building, redid the floors, added Wi-Fi and put in new coffee and food vending machines. Out-of-order washers and dryers have been fixed.

He said he’d like to make it more like an internet cafe where people can do their laundry in a cozy environment. As part of the facelift, he hired local artist Gary Korlin, who added old-school hand-painted signs.

Bev’s laundromat

“This place had a lot of potential,” Weedman said.

The business has been on Lyndale Avenue for more than 25 years, and Weedman has met several families who have been doing their laundry there for more than a decade. With 54 machines, it’s an easy place to get bulk loads done quickly. The laundromat is busiest on weekends, Weedman said.

He’s still working on making a few more improvements to the interior.

“I want it to be a comfortable neighborhood place,” he said.

The laundromat is open daily from 7 a.m.–10 p.m.

Bev’s Uptown Laundry
3944 Lyndale Ave. S.