Wink Gifts to close in Fulton

Wink Gifts and Boutique
Wink Gifts and Boutique, formerly known as Live, Laugh, Love Gifts, will close its 50th & France location in the coming weeks. Photo by Andrew Hazzard

After 18 years along France Avenue, Wink Gifts and Boutique plans to close in the coming weeks.

Owner Deb Rasmussen said the store could close as soon as the end of September but might stay open through October. The store will be discounting its items until it closes.

Rasmussen bought the store (then known as Live, Laugh, Love Gifts) from its original owners four years ago, and while the first year was good, it’s been harder since. She thinks online sales and reduced parking in the area have created challenges for retailers, but she said the final straw has been new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration.

She’s heard from several vendors that their prices would be going up 10%–20% due to tariffs imposed on raw goods used to make products. As a small business, she doesn’t feel she can be competitive if she raises her own prices to match that rate.

“It all gets passed down,” Rasmussen said.

She feels that traditional retail shops in general have been slowly exiting 50th & France, and salons and restaurants seem to be the types of businesses in more demand.

“The area seems to be shifting more to the service industry,” she said.

Wink Gifts and Boutique 
5019 France Ave. S.