Raag now serving fine Indian cuisine at 50th & France

Raag, a new restaurant specializing in progressive Indian cuisine, is now open at 50th & France. Photo by Andrew Hazzard

A new restaurant at 50th & France is hoping to change the way Americans think about Indian flavors. 

Raag, a restaurant specializing in progressive Indian cuisine, opened Sept. 7 in Fulton. It’s a new project from Gopi Kakarla, one he said is unique in the Twin Cities. 

The menu was developed by Ajay Chopra, a celebrity chef who hosts the show Northern Flavours and judges MasterChef India. Chopra is known for fusing traditional Indian flavors with modern techniques from across the world.  All the ingredients are organic and each dish is made from scratch in-house, Kakarla said. The menu includes vegetarian, chicken, pork, duck, lobster and beef dishes. 

“Everything is made in this kitchen,” he said. 

Raag is now open for lunch and dinner in Fulton. Photo by Andrew Hazzard


Kakarla owns another restaurant, India Spice House, in Eden Prairie, where he said most of the customers are Indian and many American guests stick to common dishes like chicken tikka masala. At Raag, he hopes to educate guests on the full range of Indian flavors. 

“We’re trying to break those stereotypes,” he said. 

Raag is open for lunch and dinner. The menu features a wide range of appetizers, entrees and desserts in addition to a full menu of mocktails and cocktails. 

Kakarla was attracted to Southwest because he’d heard it was an area where residents support local restaurants and enjoy fine dining. In the initial days of being open, he said people have told Raag staff they are happy to have something different in the neighborhood.