Prospect Refuge Studio settles into Southwest

Prospect Refuge Studio
Prospect Refuge Studio's office at 48th & Nicollet lets Prospect Refuge show off their design styles and host events. Submitted images

A Minneapolis interior design firm has relocated to Southwest, where it aims to help residential and commercial clients create spaces that fit their tastes and lifestyles.

Prospect Refuge Studio, which opened in 2015, moved from Northeast to the former Mi Mi wedding planner space at 48th & Nicollet earlier this year, and now has more room to host events and show off design concepts.

“We’ve just kind of been getting bigger,” owner and principal designer Victoria Sass said.

Prospect Refuge works with a wide range of commercial and residential clients but has found a bit of a niche in retrofitting old homes to meet the needs of young families.

“There’s a lot of that in this area,” Sass said.

Prospect Refuge Studio owner and principal designer Victoria Sass
Prospect Refuge Studio owner and principal designer Victoria Sass moved her firm from Northeast to Southwest this year.

When a new client comes to Prospect Refuge, Sass meets the customer in the space for a two-hour consultation to get an idea of their tastes and dreams. Sass said she tries to get to know clients well and honor the architecture of the building as much as possible.

“We’re very heavily influenced by the architecture of the space,” she said.

The name Prospect Refuge comes from Sass’ favorite design theory of the same name, which says people prefer environments that offer both ample views and spaces that provide concealment or refuge. Those types of environments, the theory holds, make people feel safe and comfortable.

Most of Prospect Refuge’s clients are in Minneapolis, St. Paul and inner-ring suburbs, but they’ve been getting more local clients in Southwest since the move. The move is also convenient for Sass, who lives in East Isles.

“We’re really happy to be in Southwest,” business development manager Kate Panke said.

Prospect Refuge Studio
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