Common Roots opens new patio

Common Roots
The new patio space is full of trees and flower boxes at Common Roots Cafe. Submitted photo

Common Roots Cafe has always been eco-friendly, but a new patio that was completed this month is giving the Wedge eatery a greener feel.

The cafe has had a patio space since it opened in 2007, but the new addition is larger and raised off the asphalt on a wooden deck surrounded by planter boxes. A new maple tree stands in the deck’s center. Plum, pear and apricot trees have been installed around the patio.

“There’s a lot more green space,” Common Roots owner Danny Schwartzman said.

He’s hoping the plants will help with stormwater runoff and help cool down the asphalt space. It will also offer closer access to the alley garden where Common Roots grows some of the fruits and vegetables prepared in the kitchen.

The patio, which is adjacent to the original 1890 brick wall on the building, has a new accessible ramp.

To go with the new patio, Schwartzman has also unveiled a new menu with several salads, including the Superfood Crunch with kale, blueberries and granola, and his personal favorite, the Chipotle Chicken Cobb.

Common Roots Cafe
2558 Lyndale Ave. S.