Anti-theft boxes give ‘package of mind’

Delivery drivers can lock packages directly into wooden containers on customers' doorsteps. Submitted photo

Two Minneapolis residents are trying to give their neighbors peace of mind when it comes to ordering packages online.

Mike Brennan of Bryn Mawr and Ed Kohler of Longfellow recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their business Package of Mind, which creates wooden containers that delivery drivers can lock packages inside. Each order comes with a padlock and security leash to ensure the box itself is not stolen from doorsteps, along with a branded medallion to hang on front doors that alerts both delivery services and potential thieves to the box.

“Everybody has a story about a missing package,” Kohler said. “Every third post on Nextdoor seems to be about stolen packages.”

When delivery drivers arrive, they place the package in the box and use the padlock to lock it. It can then be unlocked with a key the homeowner keeps.

The duo is familiar with the disappointment of a package that never arrives. After having another order stolen from his house last fall, Brennan decided to craft a wooden box of his own where deliverers could securely leave his online orders. He received positive feedback from delivery drivers soon after.

Package of Mind

“I got a knock on our door from our UPS driver and he said, ‘I love it, I wish everyone had one of these,’” Brennan said.

Kohler is an avid retailer on Amazon and has had to deal with customers that never receive their order. “I’ve felt the pain of lost packages as a customer and a retailer,” Kohler said. “We want to prevent that from happening in the future. When someone is expecting a package and they know it’s sitting on their doorstep, it feels like time is ticking.”

Package of Mind partnered with WDI, a wood packaging company based in Forest Lake, to create the furniture-grade boxes.

Pricing starts at $185 for the smallest box. The project will only be funded if it reaches its $24,000 goal by July 3.

“It’s a very simple, local solution that helps people feel more comfortable,” Brennan said.

Package of Mind

  • MNmike2011 .

    $185 seems like a lot of money for a wooden box. Less than $100 seems more reasonable Are they trying to make two or three hundred percent profit?

  • Flowerpotgirl

    Can they not just take the box? A bolt cutter will do away with padlocks. No matter now many you put on there.

  • vaxjoaberg

    “…and security leash to ensure the box itself is not stolen from doorsteps”

    A determined attacked would be able to get into the box. But typical package thieves are not determined attackers. They don’t carry bolt cutters (or lock picks, etc). They just look for unattended packages, grab them, and drive off. They’re not going to bother breaking into a secure box on the off-change there’s a package inside. They’re just going to hit the next house that doesn’t have one.

  • Blue Lilac

    You said “everybody has a story about a missing package.” Not true. Also, posts on NextDoor about missing packages are far fewer than 30 percent. Please tame your hyperbole and aim more for accuracy. Thank you.

  • Blue Lilac

    On what are you basing your cost analysis? Might be good to build one yourself and see what you think it’s worth. Alternatively, you could go to Home Depot and buy a plastic deck box for $60-$120 and add a padlock.

  • Christopher Nolan

    What if the homeowner receives multiple deliveries in the same day? If UPS uses the box in the morning, the Amazon delivery person who comes at midday will find the box locked, no?

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