Kuva Uptown will include salon, gift shop

Kuva Uptown, a new salon and gift shop, plans to open in mid-June at 32nd & Hennepin. Photo by Andrew Hazzard

A new store with a gift shop and salon studio space for independent stylists is opening next month in the Zeo residential and retail building in Uptown.

Kuva Uptown, a new venture that will have a dedicated lifestyle gift store paired with a 14-station salon area, is planning to open this June at 32nd & Hennepin.

“We want people to feel like we have a great hair salon and a gift shop,” said Will O’Hara, one of Kuva’s owners.

O’Hara is opening the business with his wife, Tami, and their partner Stephan Courtright. The O’Hara family is all in the location, as Will and Tami live in the building.

The couple has owned Wave Salon at 35th & Hennepin for several years.

At Kuva, the stylists will have independent businesses. Each will have a modular, mobile work station for their gear and a large locker space in the back. Will O’Hara believes these days most stylists want the ability to control their own business. What Kuva offers is the physical space, a reception desk that confirms appointments.

“There’s going to be nothing like it, especially for independent stylists,” he said.

The gift space will be small, about 350 square feet, and will feature sections dedicated to unique lifestyles, like “techie,” “yogi” and “entertainer,” and stocked with local items.

Kuva will have a natural theme inside featuring walls made from repurposed wood collected from a freight elevator in Duluth and cascading natural elements, like live walls covered in plants and a water wall dividing the gift and salon space.

“It will have a real environmental feel,” O’Hara said.

In addition to selling gifts, Kuva will be giving back itself. The store’s motto is “give beauty purpose” and they plan to donate a to-be-determined percentage of every item sold in the gift shop to a rotating selection of charities that will change every three months, O’Hara said.

The owners also hope to host events in the new store.

“This is for the community,” he said.

Where: 3145 Hennepin Ave. S.
Info: kuvauptown.com