Home goods store Gather up for sale

Michael Hagie wraps a gift for a customer at Gather, his shop at 50th & France, which is now up for sale. Photos by Andrew Hazzard

After nearly seven years at his current location and 14 years total at 50th & France, shopkeeper Michael Hagie has put his home goods store Gather up for sale.

Hagie is planning to move back to his native Iowa to be closer to family and take more time to pursue his own passions.

“Fourteen years is a long time and I just want to travel,” he said.

The store and the neighborhood have been good to Hagie, but he said the retail environment is changing.

“Retail has to reinvent itself to be relevant going into the 2020s,” he said.

Providing additional services such as custom gift-wrapping, like Hagie does at Gather, is one way he thinks shops like his can stay relevant in the age of online retail.

“That’s something you can’t have done on Amazon,” he said.

Things have changed along 50th & France over the years, Hagie said. His clientele has trended older in recent years, and he said open storefronts linger in the node longer than they did in the past.

Still he’s optimistic he’ll find a buyer who wants to continue the business.

“I’d really like to pass it on to someone who will enjoy doing it,” Hagie said.

Where: 5041 France Ave. S.
Info: gatheronfrance.com