Kinoko Kids finds a new home

Erika Olson Gross, Kinoko Kids
Erika Olson Gross, who co-owns Kinoko Kids with business partner Tammy Tanaka Johnson, is looking forward to offering in house art classes and community events at their new space at 38th & Grand. Photo by Andrew Hazzard.

A Kingfield toy store is relocating next month, but local customers should have no problem finding the new digs.

Kinoko Kids, which opened at 38th & Grand in July 2017, is moving around the corner to the former home of Sugar Sugar at 3803 Grand Ave. next month, a move owners Erika Olson Gross and Tammy Tanaka Johnson say will give the store more space to hold art classes and other experience-based activities.

The retail space will be about the same size as their current shop, but an additional room will enable them to host other events in the store.

“Part of what we always wanted to do was classes and workshops,” Olson Gross said.

That space, to be known as Atelier Kinoko, will feature crafting activities, art classes and community events. Olson Gross, who teaches art, said she has several ideas she’s excited to try.

Kinoko Kids
Kinoko Kids is moving about half a block to the former Sugar Sugar space at 38th & Grand. They hope to have the new space open in early April.

Kinoko Kids has a wide range of unique toys, including a selection of Japanese novelty items and other lines that are not available on common online vendors such as Amazon and eBay, Olson Gross said. Their other specialty comes in vintage children’s clothing, a passion of Tanaka Johnson, which has blossomed into a successful business for the store.

“We didn’t know if that would be appealing to a wider audience, but people love it,” Olson Gross said.

Olson Gross lives nearby and said they are happy to be staying in the area, which has no other local toyshops.

“People were really wanting a shop like this in Minneapolis,” Olson Gross said.

The owner of Sugar Sugar provided them with some contact information of a few of the shop’s candy providers. Olson Gross said they intend to sell a small selection of treats at their new location.

“We seem to draw the most amazing people here,” she said.

They also hope to kick things off with a party at their new location, tentatively scheduled for April 13.