SK Coffee moves into store sales at Wedge Co-op

SK Coffee, a online subscription -service that roasts coffee in LynLake is now available on the shelf at the Wedge Community Co-op.

Beans from local subscription-based roasters SK Coffee are now available on the shelf.

SK Coffee is now for sale at the Wedge Community Co-op, the first regular on-the-shelf home for their roasts outside of the internet and local farmers markets.

While the company is keeping its focus on its subscription service model, selling at the Wedge will allow them to meet customers where they shop.

“They are highly influential and have an extraordinary reputation in our community,” SK Coffee co-founder Sam Kjellberg said.

The proximity to their roastery, a space at 2940 Harriet Ave. they share with Salty Tart Bakery, makes it a convenient arrangement between local shops.

SK Coffee breaks their roasts into four categories: bold, sweet, smooth and unique, Kjellberg said.

The Wedge Co-op is currently selling SK’s Costa Rican (bold), Ethiopian (sweet) and Congolese (smooth) blends. SK Coffee will continue to sell those three categories at the Wedge but will switch out the country of origin for those categories on a regular basis. He hopes customers will come to trust them to provide enjoyable coffees of each category.

“We’re trying to empower and elevate the in-home coffee experience,” Kjellberg said.

Part of that empowerment is letting people figure out how much they like the coffee before committing to a week’s supply. SK Coffee will be selling both 4-ounce and 12-ounce bags at the Wedge.

Kjellberg said they are excited about being on the shelf at the Wedge and hope to partner with other co-ops in the area.

In addition to selling online and at Wedge, SK Coffee sells at farmers markets, including Linden Hills Farmers Market year-round and East Isles Farmers Market in the summer.