Bibelot gift shops may be closing alongside retiring owner

Bibelot's Linden Hills location at Upton & 44th displays a "retiring" sale sign. GoodThings has announced it is purchasing the location and will be transitioning into the space over the next several months. Photo by Andrew Hazzard.

After 52 years in business, including 23 with a store front in Linden Hills, popular gift and home décor shop Bibelot is likely closing its four Twin Cities locations.

Owner Roxy Freese, who opened the store’s first location along Como Avenue in St. Paul in 1966, is ready to retire.

“The stores are retiring along with Roxy,” said general manager Janet Haugan.

Haugan, who was initially hired to work in the Linden Hills location at 44th & Upton when it opened in 1995, said there is no final date of business for the shop at this point. The stores will begin what’s being dubbed a “retirement sale” on Wednesday, Nov. 14, which will progress until the remaining items are sold, Haugan said.

The stores, including the two St. Paul locations and a second Minneapolis shop in Northeast, will likely stay in business into 2019, Haugan said.

Freese is open to hearing from potential buyers, she added.

The Linden Hills shop was the first Minneapolis location for Bibelot. A second Minneapolis location Northeast Minneapolis opened along University Avenue in 2002.

“It’s a wonderful location and we were embraced by the community,” Haugan said.