Hydrate IV Therapy opens at 50th & France

Dave Brindle checks an IV for Sarah Hansmann, a staff member.

“Depending on how long you’re here, you’ll probably see one of the Vikings players,” says Brynn Ahrens, CEO at a new storefront where guests hook up to an IV to absorb a bag full of fluids.

Hydrate IV Therapy has operated as a concierge service for four years, Ahrens said, most often visiting clients at their homes. Ahrens said high demand for the service from professional athletes, marathoners, travelers and people nursing hangovers prompted them to open a brick-and-mortar storefront, which also offers Botox injections.

The concept originated with a 40th birthday party in Las Vegas, she said, when partygoers were trying to recuperate and keep a busy schedule. Ahrens said she has a background in nursing and realized there was something else they could do to quickly rehydrate. She contacted Dr. Richard Tholen for help with the IV hydration concept, and Tholen became a partner in the business.

They installed the periodic table in each private room, recalling their initial sit-down where they pored through the elements that should go into a bag of fluids. Bags tailored for colds include Vitamin C, and bags tailored for athletes include amino acids, electrolytes and antioxidants.

The cost of treatments ranges from about $139-$189, and each session is about 30-40 minutes.

Hydrate 2

Some in the medical community have expressed skepticism about similar businesses. The Florida Dept. of Health urged consumers to first consult primary care physicians, check providers’ licenses and learn the risks associated with IV injection. Other media reports have raised the question of a placebo effect at play.

Ahrens said new clients fill out a detailed health history.

“All of the things that we see are symptoms of dehydration,” Ahrens said. “…We’re absolutely altering the system.”

She said the client retention rate is 80 percent, and people recovering from hangovers often feel the most immediate effects.

“They’ll find us,” she said.