Finer meats reopens at 38th & Nicollet

Reopened and renovated, the Finer butcher shop has passed to the next generation. Pictured are Finer Meats & Eats owner Doug Meyer (r) and Brian Knopik.

When Doug Meyer ripped down the window paper to reopen after a six-month renovation, a customer immediately came rushing in with thanks.

“That’s what makes it worth it,” Meyer said.

Finer 1

Finer Meat Co. recently handed off the storefront to another generation. Now called Finer Meats & Eats, Meyer is now running the shop with the help of his brother Brian Knopik while their parents, Tim and Mary Knopik, begin retirement.

“It will always be Dad’s store,” said Meyer, who said he hope his kids also join the business someday.

“The legacy of the family and the community will keep on going,” he said.

The renovation involves new flooring, ceiling, lighting and eight additional feet of counter space.

Finer 2

Finer 3Tim’s father purchased the meat market on Nicollet in the early 1960s, and the shop still holds an old cash register and scales.

Finer Meats’ top seller is Delmonico steaks, which Meyer described as a flavorful cut between ribeye and chuck. Other meats include smoked turkey legs, hot Hawaiian brats, ghost pepper cheddar beef sticks, chicken wings, pigs’ feet, Texas ribs and beef brisket. The bacon and jerky are still curing and will return to the shelves in a couple of weeks.

The Finer Meats food truck continues operating as well, serving barbecue, burgers and sandwiches.