Brim opens Saturday at Lake & Knox

Brim, opening this week at Lake & Knox, serves grain bowls and gluten-free baked goods. Photo by Ashley Sullivan

A few of the major landmarks in Kate Sidoti’s life stand within a block of Bde Maka Ska. There is the stoplight at Dean Parkway, where she smiled at a guy with curly hair, started jogging with him, and eventually marrying him. There is her home in East Calhoun. And now there is Brim, her new restaurant opening Sept. 22 at Lake & Knox.

“The location is definitely heart and soul for the restaurant,” she said. “… It feels like one big family, and you’re creating a kitchen for your family.”

Brim 1 - Photo by Ashley Sullivan
Photo by Ashley Sullivan

Kate and Patrick Sidoti created a fast-casual, cash-free concept targeted for the lake’s joggers and walkers. There is a dog-friendly and stroller-friendly patio, iced tea to-go, cans of sparkling rosé, and made-to-order bowls filled with ingredients like charred broccoli, honey sesame Okinawa sweet potato, black lentils with dill and radish, avocado and cashew chipotle aioli.

A staff favorite off the menu is the Thai Coconut Purple Potato bowl, made with turmeric brown basmati, coconut purple potato salad, baby kale, chicken, cilantro microgreens and lemongrass coconut dressing.

Photo by Ashley Sullivan
Photo by Ashley Sullivan

Shared Ground Farmers’ Cooperative provides most ingredients from within 100 miles to maximize nutrition and flavor.

Accordion-style floor-to-ceiling doors will roll back for an open-air environment. A living wall of greenery is interspersed with rosemary and herbs and copper piping bolted to the wall.

Kate previously worked as the personal chef for a venture capitalist/documentary producer and an artist in Utah. At their home, she served Norwegian algae green juice shots in the morning, ground her own almond flour, dehydrated vegetables for snacks and made her own sauces.

“The top recipes I created for them essentially became key features on the Brim menu,” she said.

The restaurant will open at  8 a.m. (locals asked for the earlier opening time to grab coffee) and will close at 10 p.m.