Two Wheels Bike Shop rebuilds road bikes

Ryan Kamke takes a test ride outside Two Wheels Bike Shop.

Ryan Kamke collects old frames and completely rebuilds bikes with all-new parts, paint and decals at Two Wheels Bike Shop.

“I don’t just take them, clean them up and flip them. They aren’t even used bikes by the time I’m done with them,” he said.

Two Wheel_7

By reconstructing bikes with new parts, he said cyclists never have to worry about a used bike breaking down mid-ride. He said it’s hard to find lugged steel frames, and nobody makes them anymore.

“It’s kind of a dying thing, and I like to keep it around,” he said. “People like the classic look of these, and it’s hard to find decent ones.”

Two Wheels 2

Aside from custom bike commissions, Kamke offers $45 tune-ups, a range of bikes for sale, trade-ins, bike parts and repairs ranging from flat changes to wheel building.

Kamke is fastidious about his work, and he does it all himself.

“You pay less and wait longer,” he said.

Two Wheel 3

The seasonal shop at 1014 W. 27thSt. closes around November as the weather cools, and reopens every year in March.