Modo Yoga grows to open plant-based Seed Cafe

Modo Yoga is hosting free, family-friendly outdoor yoga at the Bakken Museum all summer on Thursdays from 5 p.m.-6 p.m. Photo courtesy Phil Doucette

They call it yoga divorce. It’s what allows Ryann and Phil Doucette to remain friends, co-parents and business partners after their split eight years ago. Now they’re opening a new plant-based restaurant together called the Seed Café, connected to their studio Modo Yoga at 3252b W. Lake St.

“Relationships fall apart, but you have a choice in how you build something new,” Phil said.

They are building a plant-based café with dishes like chickpea frittatas, marinated tofu steaks and Thai peanut wraps (a popular plate at their former yoga studio and café in Winnipeg).

“Thai peanut sauce is kind of magic when it’s done well,” Ryann said.

Photo courtesy of Phil Doucette
Photo courtesy of Phil Doucette

Their daughter Emily is also involved, advising them that the hot chocolate needs a little more agave, and kids should have free refills.

Black charcoal ice cream will come in healthy, unique flavors, the owners said.

“The minute we buy that ice cream machine, it’s on,” Ryann said.

The café will provide a gathering place for brunch after class, and workshops on how to pack plant-based school lunches. The owners appreciate the extra room to stretch out. In the past, they’ve stashed sushi ingredients in the office for make-your-own sushi events, and lined up tables along the wall for the plant-based Harvest Feast, an annual fundraiser for Second Harvest Heartland.

When the Orangetheory Fitness space became available next door, they jumped on it.

“Now it has to happen,” Phil said.

Phil lives in Kingfield and Ryann lives in Linden Hills. Given their history, people often seek them out for relationship advice.

In moving forward, Phil said they incorporate all the things they’ve learned on the mat, like how to pause and breathe. Take a breath before saying something stupid, he said. Come back to the Mountain pose, take a breath, and consider a peaceful response.

“All of these things are our yoga practice,” Ryann said.

She said they can hit a reset switch, like they do on the mat, and let it all go.

“That’s the other thing that’s pretty close to magic, other than Thai peanut sauce,” she said.

Photo courtesy of Phil Doucette
Photo courtesy of Phil Doucette

Seed Café is slated to open late this summer.