Fig + Farro unveils new chef, new menu

Fig + Farro has a new plant-based menu at 3001 Hennepin Ave. S.

Fig + Farro’s new chef is offering dishes that he once cooked for celebrities on the Mediterranean. For example, Patrick Scott Moore originally created the pad thai with zucchini and almond sauce for Madonna, at a time when she focused on eating raw foods. He also created the menu’s lasagna with vegan sausage and eggplant for Madonna (although he’s thinking about taking it off the menu, because it’s served raw and cold).

Formerly a personal chef for Nicholas Cage, Scott Moore became a go-to chef on chartered yachts, and for nearly 17 years he spent summers in the Mediterranean and winters in the Caribbean.

“It was a great life, but it’s a life for a young man that doesn’t have children,” he said.

Now planted in Minnesota, Scott Moore said he turned down another job offer to cook at Fig + Farro.

“I’m all about the mission here. I think that we need to do something to fight global warming,” he said. “… As a chef, that’s what I can do.”

Early menu favorites are the yucca dumplings and the pan seared tofu, he said.

“Last week I sold over 100 pounds of artichoke dip,” he said.

His personal favorite is the fried green tomato sandwich, featuring blue cheese smoked in hazelnut. The chanterelle ravioli features paper-thin celery root stuffed with fermented cashew cheese and chanterelles to create ravioli made with no bread or pasta.

Scott Moore has previously relied on his background in organic chemistry to create “dreamy” plates, such as mushroom soft bubbles that patrons pop to get to the dish. At the moment, however, he’s focused on getting the basics right before the plates become more adventurous.

“I’m taking what I know and turning it into vegetarian recipes,” he said.

The menu will change on a monthly basis.