Tap Society building self-serve tap wall at 46th & Grand

Mike Fritz serves shakes and classic burgers at a Tap Society pop-up at Cavé Vin.

Tap Society is slated to open in June in the former Kings Wine Bar space at 4555 Grand Ave. S., offering flat top burgers and self-serve beer taps.

“We’re not doing anything fancy or flashy, we’re just making a good burger and keeping it simple,” said co-owner Mike Fritz.

The restaurant will serve bar snacks, chocolate and vanilla shakes and fries seasoned with garlic and pepper. Burgers will be priced at about $5.25, Fritz said.

“It’s simple, so we can keep the prices down,” he said.

Customers can walk in for an ID check and receive a beer card that allows them to purchase by the ounce, sampling from a wall of 26 taps like Surly’s Todd The Axe Man IPA. Taps will include a few ciders and wines as well.

Customers will order food from kiosks, which also helps keep prices down, Fritz said.

He said burgers are available with a special relish sauce that’s “a little bit tangy and a little bit sweet.” Described as similar to In-N-Out Burger, the menu will include a veggie burger and a carnitas burger topped with sautéed onions and a fried egg.

Brian Daniels cooks at a Tap Society pop-up.
Brian Daniels cooks at a Tap Society pop-up.

Fritz previously worked in Macy’s food division on restaurant projects across the country. He’s tested the Tap Society concept since mid-August in pop-up events at Cavé Vin.

Cavé Vin owner Ken Wills offered the space for free on days the restaurant is closed — Tap Society cook Brian Daniels is a regular, he said. Wills said the paper napkins, kids and ketchup bottles provide an interesting contrast to typical nights at the restaurant.

“Right now it doesn’t look like people will be drinking White Bordeaux in 36 hours,” he said.

Kings Wine Bar opened in 2009. The business transferred in 2015 to new owners who reworked the menu to include Pan-Asian cuisine. The restaurant closed with a “heavy heart” March 31, thanking customers for an outpouring of love and support in the final days.

Prior to opening, Tap Society is planning pop-up previews April 15-16 and April 22-23 at Cavé Vin.

“It will be a good neighborhood hangout,” Fritz said.