Heartfelt finds room to grow in Linden Hills

Lisa MacMartin is expanding Heartfelt at 4306 Upton Ave. S.

Heartfelt — part craft workshop, art supply store, toy store and treehouse — is expanding into the former Christian Science reading room space.

Heartfelt will take down part of the wall between the storefronts and create more space for crafty birthday parties, dyed wools, beads (in-demand since Bead Monkey closed) and other products. Locals need not travel to a big box store to find basics like a needle and thread, said owner Lisa MacMartin.

Hearfelt 9

She’s been hoping to expand for some time, and said the shop was bustling during the holidays.

“We were just packed in here with crafters,” she said.


Current crafts at the shop include miniature ice shanties and Antarctica winterscapes, complete with tiny penguins and floating ice made of branch slices. Another craft involves a trio of baby mice tucked into a mint tin.

“Children just love the small things,” MacMartin said.

Heartfelt 8

Artists on staff create the shop window displays using white paper cut-outs to catch the eye at night. They’re thinking about ideas for an exterior mural and a wildly colored bathroom.

“It’s kind of a blank slate right now,” MacMartin said.

Heartfelt opened in 2011, and some of the early customers have grown to become teenagers. MacMartin said she cherishes the moments with young crafters.

“It’s fleeting, and it’s lovely,” she said.

The shop aims to finish the build-out by spring.