“Super Stretch” yoga app teaches yoga and mindfulness to kids

Minneapolitan Jessica Rosenberg reports that her free yoga app for kids has reached 415,000 people in hospitals, schools and homes since it launched in 2012. Now she’s working to expand the program with a Kickstarter campaign running through Dec. 9.

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Creating time for stillness and practicing mindfulness can help children banish scattered thoughts and bad moods, she said.

“They are learning through yoga how to stand in their truths and like who they are,” she said. “…I’ve definitely seen incredible results at any age, even after a couple of practices. It’s a good way to reframe your brain.”

Along with the app, Rosenberg offers books and flashcards, recommending that teachers place the cards in a calm corner of the classroom.

A yoga instructor of 17 years, Rosenberg offers youth yoga workshops and teacher training — everyone at Blooma is Super Stretch-trained, she said. She’s a co-founder of Gorilla Yogis, a movement that launched in 2010 to bring yoga to unexpected places like museums, baseball fields and street corners.

“These practices help to put life into perspective and teach people of any age ways to release trauma, anxiety, and stress, so that they can stay calm in the center of a storm,” Rosenberg writes. “Yoga is a tool that will last a lifetime.”

app in use

 The Super Stretch Yoga app is available for iOS devices.