Michelangelo’s expands pizza shop at 50th & Washburn

Michelangelo’s remains open during construction at 3002 W. 50th St.

Michelangelo’s is in the midst of a major renovation, but that’s not stopping regular customers from dining in.

The restaurant remains open for business during construction, which involves expanding out to the corner in the former Banners To Go space. The menu will grow to include frozen yogurt with self-serve toppings along with pizza by the slice, hot dogs, pasta dishes and burgers.

Another new idea calls for kid-friendly bleachers, dubbed the “cheap seats,” featuring discounted pizza and pop and a view of the television.

Michelangelo's 1

“It will still be a family-friendly environment,” said owner Marty Davis, adding that it’s common to see students hanging out and athletic teams filling the restaurant. “…The place is almost flooded with kids.”

Davis grew up in Linden Hills and worked at the restaurant in high school. He’s owned the venue since 2004.

“I may change the name,” he said. “Nobody wants me to, but we want a fresh start.”

A longtime BYOB establishment, the restaurant is now seeking a beer and wine license.

The restaurant will likely shut down during the final weeks of construction, and renovations are estimated to be complete in the spring.