Emuble Furnishing opens this week on Hennepin

A peek inside Emuble Furnishing at 2756 Hennepin Ave. S.

The corner of 28th & Hennepin is filled to the brim with retro furnishings, vintage bikes, mid-century modern pieces and new sofas.

Emuble Furnishing co-owner Mike Kranz spent the past three years buying merchandise in anticipation of the Uptown store, focusing on pieces like vintage bikes.

“I have probably over 100 of them already,” he said.

Emuble 2

The shop formerly home to the Nadeau furniture store now holds vintage cameras, musical instruments, new and old rugs, kitchen items, fine art and posters, T-shirts designed in-house and other pieces chosen for their funky appeal.

“We’re pretty much going to cover everything,” said Kranz, a CARAG resident who is opening the store with co-owner Jose Rivera.

Emuble 4

Emuble_3Kranz previously owned the three-level Midtown Antique Mall in Stillwater, which holds hundreds of thousands of pieces. He started antique dealing at age 10. A local store sold his goods on consignment, and his parents allowed him to convert their Bayport garage into an antique shop. He said he’s worked to build a reputation for ethical transactions — if he finds original artwork worth thousands of dollars, for example, he’ll disclose the value and pay a fair price, he said.

He’s watched a generational shift in vintage buying, which is now gravitating to mid-century modern pieces.

“Most people will buy what they remember,” he said.

Emuble Furnishing is located at 2756 Hennepin Ave. S.