“Kid West” film stars local actors

Film director Jesse Mast loved the Guthrie Theater’s production of “To Kill a Mockingbird” so much, he hired much of the cast to appear in his film “Kid West.”

Kid West posterCast members include East Harriet resident and Barton 8th grader Mary Bair (who starred as Scout at the Guthrie) and Bruce Bohne (who played Bob Ewell). Other Mockingbird cast members who also appear in “Kid West” include Ashley Rose Montondo, Regina Marie Williams, Noah Deets, Lorenzo Reyes, Ansa Akyea and Nate Turcotte.

The film was shot during the summer of 2016 near Stillwater and the Lake Elmo Park Reserve, and premiered last summer at the Heights Theater.

One of Bair’s favorite scenes was a nighttime shoot full of kids sneaking around a house. During breaks, the kids played cards and flipped water bottles.

“I’ve never done a movie before, so it was a really interesting experience,” Bair said. “…In film, since you shoot out of order, as an artist you have to make that mental leap. When you’re doing theater, the show doesn’t ever really stop. You have that kind of emotional fluidness.”

Bair also appears in the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta “Orpheus in the Underworld” playing Oct. 27-Nov. 19 at 1900 Nicollet Ave. S.

The film is now available for purchase on Amazon.